iTunesKeys 1.91

iTunesKeys is a system-tray utility that lets you control iTunes
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Matt Berube

iTunesKeys is a little plugin for iTunes Player. This plugin is developed by Matt Berube, it allows you to control iTunes with global hotkeys or from the tray icon's menu while in the background. This facility is lacking in iTunes by default, while all other major players in the market have this feature. So this plugin adds this feature to iTunes within no time. This plugin only needs a Windows based PC and a recent version of iTunes. This plugin also includes some new features. It allows you to Control playback of music - previous, play, pause, stop, next, rewind, fast foward & volume. You can set your own hotkeys for performing special tasks such as changing volume up and down or rating a song. All these hotkeys can be set using a very simple interface. You can also set the mouse behaviour for the tray icon. It also shows the recently playing song with its artwork as a popup notification. You can also configure this notification according to your taste. You must download this plugin if you are a true iTunes Fan.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Easy to Configure
  • Custom hotkeys can be set
  • Display track information on song change, including artwork!


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